Tropical Rivers



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The main expected results are:

• Scientific integration of teams of research (many of them from in development countries), with tradition and experience in fluvial research;
• Generation of alternative methods to computational models that demonstrate low predictability and uncertainties in relation to climatic signals and hydro-geomorphologic impacts;
• Intercontinental integration of data sets and correlations from climatic changes between different tropical systems. A data base will be generated and stored at the East Normal University of Shanghai as well as a web site for the project;
• Diagnosis of direct and indirect human impacts on tropical fluvial systems.Detailed assessment of hydro-physical impacts produced by river engineering and land use changes. Integration of this result to the socio-economic reality for each country/region;
• Generation and transfer of river management strategies for “tropical rivers” to national agencies and water management organizations for each country;
• Edition of special issues of international peer reviewed journals such as Geomorphology, River Research, Journal of South American Earth Science, Brazilian journal of Geomorphology, Current Science-India, Quaternary International and edition of international books.







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