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Oncoming 2012

  • The IGCP 582-Tropical Rivers comittee is pleased to announce the 2012 Annual Symposium. The symposioum will be held in the city of Iquitos, Peru from August 9 to August 11 of 2012. Registration, click here!
  • The IGCP 582 Annual Meeting and Conference will happen organized by Rajiv Sinha (co-leader of IGCP 582) in Kanpur, India and will have the support of the IITK and the national delegation of IGCP from January 4 to 7 th (2012).
    Registration, click here!


  • IGCP 582 International Symposium, Medellin Colombia; organized a special session on Tropical rivers during the XIV Geological congress that it was held in Medellin, Colombia from August 29 to September 2nd. Professor Juan Restrepo (EAFIT University) was the main organizer of this event. See details of the event at
    and contact Edgardo M. Latrubesse or Juan Restrepo

  • The 2nd Meeting of National Working Group of IGCP 582 was held on 3rd August 2011 in Committee Hall, Director General’s Camp Office (DGCO), Geological Survey of India, Pushpa Bhawan, Madangir Road, New Delhi – 110062. Dr. V.P. Mishra, Deputy Director General, PSS and Chairman, IGCP 582 chaired the meeting. To see the minutes and compilation of contribution.


  • The main annual meeting 2010 happened linked to the 45 Brazilian Congress on Geology, hold in Belem, Brazil from September 26th to October 1st. The activities were organized by Prof, Jose. C. Stevaux (UEM-Brazil and co-leader of IGCP 582) and Prof. Naziano Filizola (UFAM-Brazil). At total we had more than forty contributions from Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Germany, Venezuela, China, France, India and Puerto Rico. The total involved participants (authors and co-authors) were eighty eight (88).
    To see the contributions click here.

  • In India a Regional meeting was organized by Dr. Snigdha Ghatak and had the participation of several Indian researchers. IGCP projects in India are closely followed up by the premium geological institution, Geological survey of India. The idea of Indian participants and a main objective of our co-leader Prof. Rajiv Sinha, is to evolve a program within the GSI system and relating items of the IGCP 582 project for implementation.
    To see the contributions click here.


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